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At Richard Burbidge, we turn the ordinary into the inspirational. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality staircase parts, decorative timber mouldings and exterior balustrades and accessories.

Combining fantastic design with the finest craftsmanship

Established in 1867, family run Richard Burbidge has been passionate about the design, manufacture and supply of timber products for over 150 years. Today we offer a range of innovative products designed to transform your home; from contemporary stair systems to decorative mouldings to exterior balustrades in glass and metal. Our products are designed to be simple to fit, with a team of experts to advise on every aspect of planning, estimating and fitting as required.

We are dedicated to combining outstanding quality in design with precision engineering to create the best products sustainably and responsibly.

Passionate about the design, manufacture and supply of timber for over 150 years

Our extensive product collections range from traditional to contemporary, including a host of unique an innovative designs, all handcrafted to create showstopping results.

Our History
We’re continuously working to develop the next generation of high-quality, sustainable timber products.

Our meticulous attention to detail in precision, manufacture and design is further enhanced by our expert technical support from the first planning stages to completion.

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Crafting timber products sustainably.

At Richard Burbidge we feel privileged to work with this incredible natural resource every day and always champion supporting sustainable timber production. We are proud to hold an extensive list of environmental and sustainable accreditations.

Environmental Promise
We pride ourselves on our customer service which doesn’t just end when you have completed your purchase.

Our trusted team is dedicated to providing all the parts and know-how required to transform spaces, both inside and out. With more than 150 years of experience designing and creating solutions, we are renowned for helping you create stunning transformations, stunning spaces fuss-free.

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BBC News Feature: Brexit Challenges for Welsh Manufacturers

Last week, we were invited by BBC News Wales to discuss how Brexit has affected our trade with Ireland. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Richard Burbidge spoke on the issue. While we are currently still trading with Northern and Southern Ireland, the uncertainties surrounding documentation for products like timber is causing significant shipping delays. To rectify this issue, we would like to see more of an alignment between the UK and Ireland on which documentation is required.  We took steps to prepare for the UK leaving the EU customs union and single market at the end of last year but have still faced significant disruption to our business. To overcome the challenges, Richard Burbidge is working closely with freight partners, as well as our customers to work out the best way to supply stores and home-delivery depots. However, these challenges are adding extra pressure on top of the demands the company is facing because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Richard Burbidge, said: “Last year, much of the focus for our business had shifted to dealing with the demands of the pandemic. For many months, all talk of Brexit had disappeared while businesses grappled with the Covid-19 crisis. But now the disruptions we face are twofold, with Brexit and coronavirus having an impact. The pressure on our supply chain teams has been significant and continues to be a challenge.” Josh continues: “We keep up-to-date with Government advice and have attended multiple webinars providing guidance on Brexit. But a lot of this advice has been generic and has often left us searching for answers on certain aspects of post-Brexit trade. Ultimately, despite this guidance, there has been mass confusion post-Brexit, and more needs to be done to help businesses like ours.” Read the full article from the BBC here: https://hubs.li/H0HgQvx0. Watch the interview on iPlayer. You can also listen to Josh Burbidge discussing the matter further on BBC Radio Wales at 25:30 here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000sk94.

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How To Get Bridgerton Inspired Wall-Panelling At Home

Just as the nation was struck with another lockdown, Netflix blessed us with the bingeworthy hit series, Bridgerton. With viewing figures projected to reach upwards of 63 million households within just 28 days of its release date,* it’s fair to that the period drama has taken the world by storm. So far, the show has inspired a spike in corset and empire hemline dress sales, in what stylists are calling the ‘Regencycore’ aesthetic. Now, there is a rise in demand for regal interior aesthetics. What is ‘Regal Revival’? The exotic parquet flooring and pastel wall panelling that gave the Bridgerton manor houses their oh-so regal aesthetic are now becoming popularised as part of a trend we’ve dubbed the ‘Regal Revival’. Drawing inspiration from the Regency era, the ‘Regal Revival’ trend offers a contemporary twist to the Neo-Classical grandeur of period interiors. This modernised Bridgerton aesthetic is characterised by deep tonal wood floors, abstract paintings and square panelling, finished with gold accents.  A quick and cost-effective way to get the Bridgerton inspired ‘Regal Revival’ look in the home is to install wall panelling. Take a look at our handy tips on how to install Bridgerton inspired wall panelling within a matter of hours...   Step 1. Planning and measuring Firstly, you will need to measure the walls every length and width, making a note of any fittings you will need to avoid. Draw your design with the measurements on some paper, making sure to plan an equal gap horizontally and vertically. Transfer your measurements and plan to the wall, using a pencil, tape measure and laser level mark where each panel piece will be, while bearing in mind the width of the panel. Step 2: Cut the panels to length The next step is to cut your panels to length. Using a saw and mitre box at a 90-degree angle, carefully cut the panels that will be horizontally placed according to the measurements. Repeat this process for all of the horizontal panels, then lightly sand the ends until smooth. Step 3: Apply the panels to the wall When applying the panels to the wall, start with the vertical panels. To apply the panels to the wall, we recommend nails and adhesive for extra security and hold. Place your panel onto the marked wall, use a laser level to ensure the panel is straight, then apply strong hold adhesive to the back and apply to the wall. Repeat this process for all panels. Ensure you use a pipe and cable detector before nailing or drilling into any walls. If you are unsure it is safe to nail into your wall, opt for a strong adhesive instead. Once you have applied the panels, use decorators caulk to patch any gaps, cracks or holes, then sand prior to finishing. Step 4: Get the Bridgerton look To achieve a Bridgerton inspired look, paint your panelling in your favourite pastel colour scheme. For an extra dose of luxury, finish your panelling off with some gold. Step 5: Share your Renovation We love seeing how you have transformed your home with Richard Burbidge. Upload a picture of your DIY project to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @richard_burbidge. You can also upload your images to our testimonials page here. We can’t wait to see what you create with Richard Burbidge mouldings!   To see our full decorative moulding collection, visit: https://richardburbidge.com/shop/mouldings   *https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/bridgerton-netflix-viewership-1234878404/  

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