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At Richard Burbidge, we turn the ordinary into the inspirational. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality staircase parts, decorative timber mouldings and exterior balustrades and accessories.

Combining fantastic design with the finest craftsmanship

Established in 1867, family run Richard Burbidge has been passionate about the design, manufacture and supply of timber products for over 150 years. Today we offer a range of innovative products designed to transform your home; from contemporary stair systems to decorative mouldings to exterior balustrades in glass and metal. Our products are designed to be simple to fit, with a team of experts to advise on every aspect of planning, estimating and fitting as required.

We are dedicated to combining outstanding quality in design with precision engineering to create the best products sustainably and responsibly.
Trademark Oak staircase

Passionate about the design, manufacture and supply of timber for over 150 years

Our extensive product collections range from traditional to contemporary, including a host of unique an innovative designs, all handcrafted to create showstopping results.

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We’re continuously working to develop the next generation of high-quality, sustainable timber products.

Our meticulous attention to detail in precision, manufacture and design is further enhanced by our expert technical support from the first planning stages to completion.

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Crafting timber products sustainably.

At Richard Burbidge we feel privileged to work with this incredible natural resource every day and always champion supporting sustainable timber production. We are proud to hold an extensive list of environmental and sustainable accreditations.

Environmental Promise
We pride ourselves on our customer service which doesn’t just end when you have completed your purchase.

Our trusted team is dedicated to providing all the parts and know-how required to transform spaces, both inside and out. With more than 150 years of experience designing and creating solutions, we are renowned for helping you create stunning transformations, stunning spaces fuss-free.

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How is sustainability affecting interior design choices?

Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor when making interior design decisions, with the demand for more environmentally friendly materials growing year on year. More eco conscious choices allow the space to not only become more efficient but reduce the negative impacts of a building itself, all of which contribute to minimising negative impacts on the natural environment. When it comes to interiors, people are no longer just looking at design alone, but also making more sustainably led choices. As the rate of climate change remains the most harmful issue faced worldwide, all aspects of our lives are now being rethought in a way that will benefit our planets future. According to recent research by Bimhow, the construction sector contributes to 23% of air pollution and 50% of climatic change*. Within the field of architecture and design, it’s more important than ever to source biodegradable materials and help to further sustainability messages. The benefits of a sustainably designed space will not only have a positive impact on the surrounding environment but improve the health of those living there. Interior schemes such as Biophilia can introduce sustainable innovative design that benefit both the individuals and the building or home. Characterised by natural flora amongst airy, bright spaces, Biophilic design can improve health and wellbeing, air quality and respiratory health. That’s why designers, trade businesses and homeowners alike, all have a responsibility to help reduce the rate of the climate crisis through more environmentally conscious design. As part of our commitment to environmental best practise, we have recently joined the United Nations Race to Zero campaign and appointed an internal Environmental Action Group to drive our sustainability goals and pledge for a greener future. We have also recently partnered with The Planet Mark Business Certification, an internationally recognised sustainability certification for businesses reporting our carbon footprint and demonstrating continuous progress, encouraging action and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals. The use of  natural and sustainably sourced timber, with FSC® and PEFC® accreditations, is an example of the environmentally friendly materials being favoured within the design world. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Archwood Group, comments: “As a business, it is critical that we continue to measure our own impact on the environment and set an example across both the interior design and trade industry.” “We aim to be the number one trusted supplier of innovative and sustainable timber, with plans to halve our carbon footprint by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050.”   *Source:

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Happy Homes with Biophilic Design

Happy living environments are imperative to our wellbeing and interior design can play a huge part in achieving this. The importance of creating a space that reflects positively on your mental health has been a prominent topic over the past few years. A recent article by New Scientist even states that there has been a growing number of neuroscientists working alongside architects and interior designers*. At a time when remote work is the new normal, it makes perfect sense that homeowners are opting for interiors that radiate happiness and positivity, over minimalistic and muted designs. An increasingly popular choice that is associated with enhancing spaces this way is Biophilic design.  Biophilia is defined as an instinct to connect with nature and all living things. The connection to nature has been found to support mental health and cognitive functions, as well as reduce stress and help boost moods. Biophilic interiors encourage bright spaces and natural light that allow people to practice mindfulness, self-care and find sanctuary within the home. Richard Burbidge’s trend, ‘Zen Living’, is characterised by light colour palettes, rustic tones, greenery and sustainable products. It encapsulates the notion of choosing designs that benefit your happiness and wellbeing, as well as offering an easy way to introduce more sustainable products into your home. When paired with natural timber such as Richard Burbidge’s stairparts or wall panelling, this can easily add a Biophilic influence to a space. This can be achieved using Richard Burbidge’s Trademark range, with a choice of oak, hemlock, pine, or white finishes to add a simple but beautiful design to your stairway. With its light and natural timber options, the Trademark collection has something to suit every budget and allows homeowners to mix and match in order to create their desired look. Richard Burbidge’s trend, ‘Outside in’, also represents a combination of rustic finishes and natural wood furnishings alongside modern touches. The Elements range, with a choice of glass, metal or timber combinations is ideal for a contemporary, yet classic look. Better yet, these materials add a sense of serenity to a room that welcomes a harmonious blend of the rural outdoors and cosy décor. Wall cladding painted in light or rustic tones can also be easily paired with Biophilic décor such as large palms or potted plants and natural ceramics. Whilst a natural timber panelled wall can help to widen a room and achieve a simple, yet sustainable look that incorporates nature in the space. To view Richard Burbidge’s full collection of stairparts and wall panelling, please visit: *Source: Transforming your space…  

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