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All Hands on Deck For a Garden Update

Summer is quickly approaching, and the longer days and better weather means it won’t be long before our attention will be moving to spending time outdoors. This provides the perfect opportunity to think about improvements to make the most out of our garden space. Statistics have revealed that a well-maintained garden can add around 20% to the value of your property*, which equates to nearly £55,000 based on the current average UK house price**. With such promising statistics, instead of just adding some new flowers or plants to your garden this spring, why not add real value to your garden by including a spacious decking area that can become a useful, yet stylish space for entertaining? Decking is a great way of extending your indoor entertaining space to the outdoors, and offers a safe space for children to play in the warmer months. With one in seven Brits suggesting that the garden has added to the value of their property, there’s a great opportunity to make the most out of a simple garden area by adding a new decking feature. If you’re looking to move house it will make the area stand out to potential buyers, or alternatively it will impress guests visiting your home. Richard Burbidge offers a wide range of outdoor balustrading that can add a unique finishing touch to any decking area, and more importantly provide an additional safety feature that can offer families peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are protected in the garden. The most common outdoor decking balustrade is traditionally made from timber, but there is now a wide variety of styles designed to suit different home and gardens, and you’d be surprised at how much difference such a simple update can make. Metal and glass balustrading and spindles can be incorporated into a design to add a modern, luxurious feel to a simple decking area.  For homeowners looking for a traditional option, the Richard Burbidge classic balustrade range has a wide selection of choices including: the unique square baluster system, with its straight lines and defined angles; the round spindles option, for a simple yet stylish look; and the Colonial balustrade for an ornate finish which would add a stunning feature to any country cottage garden. For gardens needing a more contemporary update, there is the ultra-modern Fusion system, which adds a real wow-factor to any garden. The Fusion system is available with glass panels that reflect the highest level of modernity. The addition of a decking balustrade can add a beautiful finishing touch to a garden, making your outdoor space a useful yet safe area for entertaining and spending time in during the warmer months. Richard Burbidge has a wide range of range of decking balustrade styles available, view the full range here.   *https://www.propertypriceadvice.co.uk/home-improvements/how-do-gardens-affect-house-price#:~:text=The%20average%20Brit%20spends%2086,the%20value%20of%20your%20home. **https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/bulletins/housepriceindex/january2021.

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DIY: How To Fit Wainscot Wall Cladding

Each month we release an exciting how to guide, showing you how you can use mouldings to completely transform and renovate your home in a cost-effective way.  This month's guide we show you step-by-step how to fit wall cladding to wainscot level, using just wall cladding, and some basic woodworking tools and techniques. Wall cladding is an easy and cost effective way to add a whole new look to your home. Wall panelling creates an illusion of depth, height and character, that you just can't get with wallpaper or paint alone. This project can be customised to work with any décor, in any room. There’s an endless list of ways that you could choose to add your own creative flair. The step-by-step instructions, as well as a helpful infographic, can be viewed here.  Richard Burbidge products are sold throughout the UK, find your local stockist here. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Decking Balustrade and Railings

More than ever, the outdoors is an extension of our living space. With a simple decking update your outdoor space can be transformed into a warm and welcoming place to relax. Planning and renovating your decking can be daunting, which is why Zoe Goff, decking expert here at Richard Burbidge is here to answer all of those important questions you have when replacing or planning your latest decking project. What are deck railings? ‘Deck railings need rails, posts and an infill which could be either balusters (wood or metal) or panels (wood or glass),’ says Zoe Goff, Product Manager. ‘Deck railing is a vital part of every decking design, it’s especially vital for raised surfaces for your safety. Our decking balustrades can be combined with your existing decking if you choose to replace your rails, or can be designed into a brand new deck. What is the best railing for a deck? The best railing for you, depends on your circumstances, consider the look you are going for, the time you have available to upkeep your deck, and your budget. ‘Timber creates a rustic look that is perfect for a traditional country house. Alternatively, glass or metal is a great option for more contemporary properties. By reflecting light, glass panelling creates the illusion of space and enhances the view of the garden,’ explains Zoe. What is the best cost effective deck railing? The most cost effective option is generally deck railings made from timber. Metal balusters are typically the mid-priced option, with glass balusters being the most expensive choice. Zoe says, ‘When choosing from timber, metal or glass, consider the differences between each. Deck railing made from wood will require yearly maintenance to ensure the timber remains in good condition. While, metal and glass requires less maintenance, and are refreshed with a quick wipe down with warm water and a soft detergent.’ At Richard Burbidge, you can choose to mix and match with timber, metal or glass, to create a unique bespoke decking design. How far apart should each decking post be? Deck railing posts, also called balusters or spindles, should not allow a 100mm sphere to pass through to adhere to the UK safety regulations for decking on ground level. Can a 2x4 be used for decking railing? ‘You can use 2x4 for the upper and lower rails if you want to construct your own deck railings in wood. Remember that you should always check the local building code or building regulations before you design and build your own deck railings to ensure that they will be compliant,’ says Zoe. Why Choose Richard Burbidge? Our collection of decking balustrade combines innovative design with robust construction, for the best of both worlds. Our deck railings are designed for easy construction, and built to withstand the Great British weather. As always, our expert team will be on hand to help every step of the way. From visualising your decking balustrade through to planning and building it, you can always give our helpful team a call. View our outdoor balustrades collections, here: https://richardburbidge.com/shop. Select traditional, classic or contemporary. We also have our Fusion range of fully glass and metal systems, available here: https://richardburbidge.com/shop/outdoor/fusion-domestic.  

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DIY: How To Make and Fit a Pine Board Shelf

Each month we release an exciting how to guide, showing you how you can use mouldings to completely transform and renovate your home in a cost-effective way.  This month's guide is a cost effective DIY project that can be completed within an hour or so. We show you step-by-step how to make and fit a shelf made from pine board, and some basic woodworking tools and techniques. This project can be customised to work with any décor, in any room. There’s an endless list of ways that you could choose to add your own creative flair. The step-by-step instructions, as well as a helpful infographic, can be viewed here.  Richard Burbidge products are sold throughout the UK, find your local stockist here. 

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The New World Office: How to Create a Flexible Office Space at Home

For the past two decades, open plan spaces have been the gold standard interior design choice in the home. However, since the pandemic hit the U.K. and offices were uprooted to people’s dining room tables, Brits are now starting to realise the benefits of having a few strategically placed walls in the home. By now, most will have established an area where they go to work, but for those who don’t have a designated office room, it can be tricky to maintain a separation between work and home life. A recent survey conducted by the IoD (Institute of Directors) found that 74% of company directors plan to continue flexible working after the pandemic.[1] With the WFH lifestyle not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s never been more important for people to create a workspace that fosters productivity and creativity at home. Read on to find out how you can use ‘zoning’ to create work and leisure areas in your open plan spaces.... What is ‘zoning’? Zoning is the art of separating areas in a room according to their function, allowing homeowners to create boundaries without altering the architectural integrity of a space. The trend has grown in popularity over recent years, as open-plan and dual use rooms have become the norm. The rise of ‘vivid zonal’ In past years, zoning was largely achieved with rugs, furniture and muted colour blocking techniques. However, more and more people are now utilising bold colours and textures to achieve their zones, in a trend we’re calling ‘vivid zonal’. Characterised by primary shapes, bold colour blocking and mixed materials, ‘vivid zonal’ helps breathe new life into minimalist open plan interiors. Brightening up the home using colours and textures to create areas for work or relaxation, this post-modernist inspired trend is for those unafraid to experiment with unorthodox materials and features.   Zoning through texture Along with a bold colour palette, texture is one of the best ways to create zones in an open plan space. Wall panelling is a great way to add depth and texture to a space, which will allow you to create a definite and separated professional work area without compromising your self-expression. Without a doubt, one of the greatest difficulties of working from home has to be finding a suitable area to feature in the background of a zoom call. Compared to wallpaper, wall panelling provides a more sophisticated appearance on a computer screen. Thanks to its versatility, it has a transformative effect on any space by creating an illusion of depth, height and character. As a leading UK supplier of mouldings with over 150 years-worth of experience in manufacturing timber products, our mouldings are a sure-fire way to add the perfect finishing touch to your interior design. View our full mouldings range here.   [1] https://www.iod.com/news/news/articles/Home-working-here-to-stay-new-IoD-figures-suggest

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BBC News Feature: Brexit Challenges for Welsh Manufacturers

Last week, we were invited by BBC News Wales to discuss how Brexit has affected our trade with Ireland. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Richard Burbidge spoke on the issue. While we are currently still trading with Northern and Southern Ireland, the uncertainties surrounding documentation for products like timber is causing significant shipping delays. To rectify this issue, we would like to see more of an alignment between the UK and Ireland on which documentation is required.  We took steps to prepare for the UK leaving the EU customs union and single market at the end of last year but have still faced significant disruption to our business. To overcome the challenges, Richard Burbidge is working closely with freight partners, as well as our customers to work out the best way to supply stores and home-delivery depots. However, these challenges are adding extra pressure on top of the demands the company is facing because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Richard Burbidge, said: “Last year, much of the focus for our business had shifted to dealing with the demands of the pandemic. For many months, all talk of Brexit had disappeared while businesses grappled with the Covid-19 crisis. But now the disruptions we face are twofold, with Brexit and coronavirus having an impact. The pressure on our supply chain teams has been significant and continues to be a challenge.” Josh continues: “We keep up-to-date with Government advice and have attended multiple webinars providing guidance on Brexit. But a lot of this advice has been generic and has often left us searching for answers on certain aspects of post-Brexit trade. Ultimately, despite this guidance, there has been mass confusion post-Brexit, and more needs to be done to help businesses like ours.” Read the full article from the BBC here: https://hubs.li/H0HgQvx0. Watch the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzcwri_r9dI.  You can also listen to Josh Burbidge discussing the matter further on BBC Radio Wales at 25:30 here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000sk94.

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