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Decorative Mouldings for DIY-ers

As we prepare to enter a new year, renovations and do-it-yourself projects are something that are always on people’s minds. Thanks to social media, the world is also currently in a DIY boom, with home improvements being documented all over TikTok and Instagram as the market continues to grow. Whilst we always recommend an installer for any big jobs that may be tricky or perhaps even dangerous, our collection of precision-cut, high quality, decorative mouldings can be easily applied at home as part of a DIY task. Mouldings can be used to apply decorative features to your home, hide gaps or joints in woodwork, add practical features to a room, such as a protective dado rail or used in woodworking joints. From wall panelling to skirting boards, our mouldings can be installed to create a small design feature or to totally transform a space. They are extremely versatile and can be finished in a variety of different ways to suit your home décor whether that be stained, varnished, oiled or painted. This is why they’re great to create feature walls, add cladding effects, form frames or even shelves. Our decorative trims can also help to add the finer details to a wall, ceiling or furniture. How-to Guides Not only are they useful for countless jobs around the home, but installation can quite often be pretty simple and therefore extremely cost-effective. That’s why we’ve put together several guides to make the fitting process even easier. Designed so that they can be fitted by any competent DIY-er, Richard Burbidge’s mouldings are easy to work with while providing the highest quality. Whether its installing wainscot wall cladding or fitting scotias, each guide talks you through step-by-step to ensure you can fit your mouldings efficiently. Browse through our guides on DIY mouldings: How to fit wainscot wall cladding How to fit scotia beading How to fit wall panelling Hot to fit a skirting board How to renovate plain doors

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2023 Trend Forecasting: Pink is Back

A rise in recent TikTok home improvement trends and interior design inspiration across social media has ensured that pink is back on trend. From shades of candyfloss and fuschia to rose and pastels, some are even calling this 'Barbiecore' following the buzz around the upcoming Barbie film, starring Margot Robbie. Due to this, pink is looking like the colour for 2023. Paired perfectly with sage greens and rustic interiors, pink hues can help create a contemporary or even retro feel in a space. From sofas and cushions, to licks of paint here and there, there are endless ways to introduce a pink colour palette into your home. Using Richard Burbidge’s decorative mouldings and stairparts, here’s our key advice for getting on top of this trend. Retro wall panelling Richard Burbidge’s decorative mouldings can be used to create wall panelling – whether it’s a small design feature or a full statement wall. From scotias to quadrants, there are precision-cut, high quality mouldings for every project. Decorative trims can also help to add the final details to a wall, ceiling or even furniture. So where does the pink come in? Well, it’s all in the paint. As 2023 approaches, just some of the go-to shades that are being forecasted range across hot pink, light blushes, deep rose and even earthy pink-red hues. A painted panelled wall, door, frame or even a shelving unit is a great way to add in a pop of colour. For more information on how to fit wall panelling, click here. Contemporary hallways Update your hallway and throw in a splash of pink, starting with stairparts. A great way to make a statement with the colour is to create a staircase that again, compliments pink wallpaper or paint. Combining stairparts from our collections is a great way to add a sleek design that looks professional and bespoke. Mixing both our Trademark and Immix ranges can add a traditional look amongst modern, innovative touches. Our Trademark stairparts have something to suit every budget, with a wide selection of beautiful timbers from oak, hemlock, pine and white finish. Whilst the Immix collection has a choice of easy to fit glass infills or stylist gun metal fittings that sit perfect amongst a contemporary pink background.

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We have installed 2,600 solar panels as part of our Net Zero initiative

We have installed over two thousand solar panels at our factory in Chirk, North Wales, as part of our commitment to becoming a Net Zero business.  The installation of 2,600 solar panels at our North Wales factory aims to reduce our carbon emissions and further the business’ plans to switch to 100% renewable energy. This follows the appointment of our internal Environmental Action Group and recent announcement in joining the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign, whereby the business has committed to achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050. Following thorough assessments, Energy Gain UK Limited was chosen as the supplier in the project which took 16 weeks to complete. The total system size is 1MW and offers a payback period of three years. The solar panels will generate 40% of the factory’s total energy requirements, which is enough to power 250 homes annually and provide an annual saving of 175 tonnes of C02e. Alongside this installation, we have also introduced our Future Energy Strategy, to implement best practice for our energy supply moving forward. The business has now entered a contract with BiU that will see 2 years of 100% REGO sustainable energy supply. As part of this, the group has committed to a long-term agreement that will see a direct supply of renewable energy, known as The Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA), from October 2024. This will help to source green energy as part of the business’ road to Net Zero, introduce new renewable capacity and further ways to budget and plan for a more sustainable future. Lee Burford, Director of Operations at Archwood Group, comments: “By installing solar power, we will be able to fully monitor the panels generation and efficiency to ensure the system is delivering the intended results year on year. This just shows how renewable technologies represent value for money over conventional fossil fuels and why investing in the green transition is worth every penny.” This is our second renewables source, having already installed a biomass boiler at our Chirk site as part of a non-domestic renewable heating incentive scheme (RHI). This reflects the businesses dedication to putting sustainable initiatives at the forefront of their production. Josh Burbidge, Manager Director of Archwood Group, comments: “The installation of solar panels will help to further reduce our overall carbon emissions. Whilst mitigating energy costs is important for all business’ right now, our focus still remains on our goals to achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050 to help reduce climate change and our environmental impact on the planet.

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Archwood Group employee wins Workplace Champion Award at Credit Union of Wales Awards 2022

A member of Archwood Group's HR team has won Workplace Champion at the Credit Union Wales Awards 2022, following the success of recent employee financial wellbeing projects. Jess Budenburg, a HR Generalist at Archwood Group, was awarded Workplace Champion at this year’s Credit Union of Wales Awards in Cardiff on Thursday 20th October. The recognition follows Jess’ hard work putting together a series of financial wellbeing projects that the business setup in response to the pandemic and rising cost-of-living crisis. Each year, the Credit Unions of Wales works together to celebrate the exceptional people who work tirelessly to improve the financial wellbeing of communities and give recognition to unsung heroes across the workplace. Coinciding with International Credit Union Day in October, the annual awards have become a highlight of the year since its first year in 2017. Categories include school and payroll partners, volunteers, lifetime achievement, access to financial services and workplace champion. Archwood Group prides itself of its array of mental and physical benefits in place for employees but noted that the cost-of-living crisis and the effects of the pandemic had left their employees open to economic and financial setbacks. The decline in financial resilience can have significant effects on mental health and wellbeing, relationships and workplace performance. To provide help and advice around these turbulent times, Archwood Group worked with Money Works Wales to set up a mentorship and payroll saving scheme. Alongside this, the team organised a cost-of-living road show, which incorporated, initiatives and charities such as Citizens Advice, KIM Mental Health Charity, Warm Wales, Welsh Water and more. Following the dedication and hard work around these topics, HR Generalist, Jess Budenberg, was awarded Workplace Champion for her contribution to planning and carrying out these projects. Jess comments: “Our main aim as part of the HR team at Archwood Group is to take care of our employee’s wellbeing. The aftermath of the pandemic and the rising cost of living pose many threats to financial wellbeing in particular and this has taken the upmost precedence amongst our recent work.” “It was an honour to receive the Workplace Champion at this year’s Credit Union of Wales Awards, but our work won’t stop there. The team and I will continue to put these importance schemes in place and following the success of our first roadshow, we’re looking into carrying this out again over the next few months.”  Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Archwood Group, comments: “Here at Archwood Group, we are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our employees. As a family-run business for over 150 years, our employees have always come first.” “The work that our HR team has done to provide support and advice for our employees has been above and beyond. Jess’ hard work on the mentorship and payroll saving scheme shows just how well-deserved this award is.”  

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Wall panelling: an interior design resurgence

According to a recent article by Insight DIY*, wall panelling is amongst the most popular home improvement trends for 2022 that are being posted across social media channels such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Whilst panelled walls remain a timeless look, interior design and home renovation accounts across social media have helped this particular home improvement to have a recent resurgence. Previously popular throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s, particularly due to its ability to protect and insulate walls, this recent comeback has seen homeowners become more creative and innovative with their wall panelling designs. Whether you’re trying to break up a large room, help make a room look more spacious, adding architectural shape or making a stunning focal point; the versatility of decorative mouldings is endless. Thin wall panels are a popular choice for creating intricate designs like ribbed panelling or even framing artwork. Alternatively, wood panels are being opted instead of tiles in bathrooms, to create open shelving or replace bedroom headboards. Clearly, wall panelling design is pretty limitless and it’s no surprise it is making such a huge comeback, however, this isn’t the only reason… Not only is wall panelling on trend, but it is also a simple and affordable addition that can help create added value to a home. The use of naturally sourced timber also makes for a more sustainable approach to making home improvements, a trend that is more important than ever. Using the Richard Burbidge collection of decorative mouldings, from scotias to quadrants, there are precision-cut, high quality mouldings for every project. From our stripwoods collection to our decorative trims, our mouldings can help make your vision come to life affordably and sustainably. Looking to find guidance on how to fit wall panelling? Check out our ‘How To Guides’. For inspiration on how to install decorative mouldings into your home, take a look at one of our recent case studies. View our full collection here: *Source -

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How is sustainability affecting interior design choices?

Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor when making interior design decisions, with the demand for more environmentally friendly materials growing year on year. More eco conscious choices allow the space to not only become more efficient but reduce the negative impacts of a building itself, all of which contribute to minimising negative impacts on the natural environment. When it comes to interiors, people are no longer just looking at design alone, but also making more sustainably led choices. As the rate of climate change remains the most harmful issue faced worldwide, all aspects of our lives are now being rethought in a way that will benefit our planets future. According to recent research by Bimhow, the construction sector contributes to 23% of air pollution and 50% of climatic change*. Within the field of architecture and design, it’s more important than ever to source biodegradable materials and help to further sustainability messages. The benefits of a sustainably designed space will not only have a positive impact on the surrounding environment but improve the health of those living there. Interior schemes such as Biophilia can introduce sustainable innovative design that benefit both the individuals and the building or home. Characterised by natural flora amongst airy, bright spaces, Biophilic design can improve health and wellbeing, air quality and respiratory health. That’s why designers, trade businesses and homeowners alike, all have a responsibility to help reduce the rate of the climate crisis through more environmentally conscious design. As part of our commitment to environmental best practise, we have recently joined the United Nations Race to Zero campaign and appointed an internal Environmental Action Group to drive our sustainability goals and pledge for a greener future. We have also recently partnered with The Planet Mark Business Certification, an internationally recognised sustainability certification for businesses reporting our carbon footprint and demonstrating continuous progress, encouraging action and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals. The use of  natural and sustainably sourced timber, with FSC® and PEFC® accreditations, is an example of the environmentally friendly materials being favoured within the design world. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Archwood Group, comments: “As a business, it is critical that we continue to measure our own impact on the environment and set an example across both the interior design and trade industry.” “We aim to be the number one trusted supplier of innovative and sustainable timber, with plans to halve our carbon footprint by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050.”   *Source:

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