A step forward for stair safety


Friday, February 24, 2017

The British Woodworking Federation’s (BWF) inaugural Stair Safety Day has launched in spectacular style, attracting support from national press and radio, as well as causing a stir on social media.​

With shocking statistics coming to light, showing that in the UK people have incidents involving stairs every 90 seconds*, the campaign is all about raising awareness and offering advice to protect you and your loved ones on a notoriously dangerous part of your home. Alongside the current media interest on stair safety, the BWF has initiated the campaign at the perfect time to educate people on the importance of staying safe on the stairs.

 The campaign has already attracted attention from a range of supporters including a prime slot on BBC Radio 2. BWF’s Technical Manager Hannah Mansell appeared on the Jeremy Vine Show to launch the campaign, talking about the critical issues surrounding stair safety, and primarily raising public awareness on the topic.

With the shocking statistic that at least two people withstand fatal injuries in relation to stairs every day in the UK*, it was Hannah Mansell’s job to advise the public on how they can best prevent trips, falls and other accidents, with the hope that it could prevent these unnecessary incidents.

Hannah Mansell said: “The Office for National Statistics tells us that during 2015 there were 787 deaths in England and Wales caused by a fall on steps or stairs – that’s more than two people dying every day**”.

She continued: “There are easy ways to reduce these risks. A big part of stair safety is about behaviour, proper lighting, secure carpets and common sense. But good design of stairs and handrail systems and builders’ adherence to regulations also has an important part to play. That’s why we have set up Stair Safety Day, in order to raise awareness and to get across some helpful advice”.

The team here at Richard Burbidge are also proud to be supporting the new initiative, which will be a campaign they will continue support every year, as stair safety is a vital element when designing any stairpart range.

For further information about the campaign and a useful advice infographic on how to stay safe on the stairs, visit www.bwfstairscheme.org.uk.




**Office for National Statistics