Customer Case study - Fusion Glass


Friday, September 23, 2016

Name: Graeme

Product Range: Fusion Glass

After assessing the overall décor of his relatively new house, Graeme decided to upgrade his staircase after tidying up the kitchen and other rooms.

Why did you choose Richard Burbidge?

After doing some subtle ‘lunch time’ research, he discovered the concept of glass staircase and fell in love the look of them.

Graeme’s brother in law had recently replaced his own staircase with metal spindles and oak handrails and recommended that Graeme look on the Richard Burbidge website, where he saw the Fusion range. After researching he decided to contact his local builders merchants, they recommended the Richard Burbidge range and even better there was currently a 20% off offer running at the time.

Upon perusal of the website and his general research, they fell in love with the Fusion Glass range instantly. This design would allow Graeme to keep the white and oak theme staircase that he currently had would enable him to add the glass element to create a light and bright entrance.

Did you take on the installation yourself/ if so how did you find it?

“Overall the installation took me three full days, but if I was doing it again it would be quicker, as I now know that the instruction work.”

“I found the instructions on how to fit the staircase, the best I have ever come across for a DIY project.”

Are you happy with the end result?

“The quality of the brackets is first class and every joint was tight, even without the screws. Overall I really relished the challenge and enjoyed fitting all the parts myself.”

“I know a couple of people who are now looking at the Burbidge range after seeing my staircase.”

Comments from the Richard Burbidge Technical Team:

"Overall Graeme has completed an excellent installation, we'd like to see an additional glass panel installed either side at the top of the stairs to close off the gap that has been left, Part K of building regulations state that the gap between balustrade should not allow the passage of a 99mm sphere. (basically a babies head!) "

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