Glass panels – Bespoke Vs Off the shelf


Thursday, May 25, 2017

In recent years, the team here at Richard Burbidge have seen an increased demand for glass panel infills. This is driven by the trend for contemporary living, allowing light to flow into an often dark area of a home.

Since creating FUSION, our first glass panel system, we have also added two further options: Immix, a minimal design with a grooved handrail and gun metal finish and Elements, which mixes clear glass with a more traditional framework.

We offer balustrade options that can be easily adapted to suit the majority of homes. Due to the small size of the panels (200mm) installers can work with almost any length of run, without the need to customise the panels.

The glass panels we offer have been specially designed so they can work on varying pitches. All our ranges are made from toughened glass and comply with the British Standards, offering peace of mind for homeowners. Fitting instructions for all of our ranges can be found on our website here.

There are of course options on the market for bespoke glass panels, which also look good. However, it’s important to be aware that they will need to be measured individually for each project. It is also important to make sure the glass is tested and complies with building regulations. It is also worth noting that glass panels can take quite some time to make, which may impact the fitting schedule.

For more information and for a guaranteed parts list, please contact our Technical Department on 0843 778 0459 or the Design Team on 01691 678232.