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Monochrome Staircases

In today’s society, colour trends within interior design are constantly evolving, in the past several key trends have emerged from bright vivid colours, pretty pastels to muted neutrals, each bringing its own unique aesthetic and mood to spaces. Choosing a style for your home is a crucial step in the design process that sets the tone for the entire space and can often be tedious and overwhelming process due to the number of options available.

The Rise of Monochrome Staircases

In recent years, research has shown a shift in homeowner preferences. Many are now favouring contemporary designs over the more traditional, where variations of a single colour can create a cohesive, sophisticated look. This approach can be striking with monochrome interiors creating a sleek, modern aesthetic and can make a space feel more expansive and unified. By varying textures and finishes within the same colour family, designers can add depth and interest without the need for multiple colourways.

The monochrome staircase is at the forefront of this trend, offering a bold, stylish alternative to more conventional styles such as dark oak or glass staircase. A monochrome staircase, with its stark contrast between black and white, embodies modern elegance. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic create a striking visual centrepiece in any home. Whether it's a glass staircase with black accents or a white staircase with black railings, the monochrome look is both sophisticated and versatile.

Creating your Monochrome Look

This classic colour scheme offers versatility and sophistication, making it a favourite among homeowners seeking a modern aesthetic. Whether you're remodelling an existing staircase or planning a new build, Richard Burbidge can help you achieve the perfect monochrome staircase design in a few simple steps.

Paint-Ready Rails

Begin with the foundation of your staircase by opting for either a pine or PaintReady rails.  Our PaintReady stairparts arrive ready for fitting, with no sanding, filling, or priming needed, they feature a range of timber stair parts pre-finished in an ultra-smooth, eco-friendly, water-based primer, ready to be painted on arrival and perfectly set the stage for the following contrasting elements: 

Black Metal Balusters

For a sleek and contemporary look, consider installing black metal balusters. These slender vertical supports provide a contrast against white handrails, creating a striking visual that guides the eye upward.

Painted Balusters and Rails

Alternatively, the same eye-catching look can be achieved by flipping the contrast, by painting the balusters white, while keeping the rails black. This reverse approach still achieves the monochrome effect while allowing for variation in how the contrast is expressed.

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Top Factors to Consider Before Renovating your Staircase

Top Factors to Consider Before Renovating your Staircase One of the most integral parts of a home is the staircase, when designing a home the location of the staircase determines the layout of the entire property. The staircase is the central design focus and a new stairway has the ability to transform your home from the aesthetics to the flow in your house. If you are looking to improve your interior space, a stair renovation may be for you. Here are some of the top factors to consider when looking to renovate your stair space. Interior Décor The staircase plays an integral part in enhancing the décor of your property. When you walk into a home your eyes go immediately to the staircase, the centrepiece and central design focus of the home. There is a staircase design to suit everyone, from glass to timber to metal balusters, every homeowner can find a design to match their interior vision. As the staircase is the first part of your home guests see upon entering, it really sets the tone for the décor style of the rest of the house. High Quality A well designed and well maintained staircase and balustrade can last for a lifetime without needing to be replaced. A good quality stair balustrade will ensure fitting is quick to complete and stays in top condition. Adding Value One of the many perks of choosing to renovate your staircase is that you will add a great deal of value to your home, to both the prospective buyers, and the monetary value. An up to date and current stair design will attract possible buyers to your property, increasing the demand and value. Safety Safety should be one of your top considerations when looking to renovate your staircase, it’s important to choose a company that is transparent about the testing and safety credentials their products hold. At Richard Burbidge all of our stair systems are put through a series of rigorous tests and assessments by FIRA, the recognised authorities in timber product testing, ensuring our products stand the test of time and comply with all the necessary domestic building regulations for your safety. We can confidently say our stair systems are top of the range safety. Experts When installing your new stair system make sure to hire a reputable fitter if you are not confident in installing yourself. We are always on hand to provide our expert fitting advice to ensure your stair renovation runs smoothly. No matter the design, the most integral part of any staircase is the quality of both the materials and the parts. Richard Burbidge is the UK’s leading supplier of stair parts, with over 150 years’ experience manufacturing timber products, you can be confident your Richard Burbidge staircase will be a great investment. See our stairparts collections here. Contact our technical team for any advice prior, during or after installation, on or 01691 678 212.      

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Richard Burbidge Relocates Head Office

Richard Burbidge, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of stair parts, decking accessories and decorative mouldings has relocated its head office to Chirk, North Wales, joining the company’s existing onsite manufacturing and distribution facility. As part of the ongoing development of the company, Richard Burbidge has relocated its office headquarters to join its existing manufacturing and distribution facility in Chirk. The Chirk site forms part of the extensive business history of Richard Burbidge, since it was initially acquired in 1986. The move will improve both the service and quality of products by having all staff in one location, unifying working relationships between all departments, from marketing to distribution, as well as improving efficiency, customer service and delivery. Mouldings Grading Facility Tony Miles, CEO of Richard Burbidge, comments: “The consolidation of all offices to Chirk is a big move and demonstrates just how serious we are about British manufacturing and sustainability. “We are a family business and above all, excellent quality and customer service are our priority. The move is already proving successful, with a unified workforce, improved communication and efficiency. “2020 is a big year for the company with increased marketing and production. Richard Burbidge is proving itself as a leading manufacturer of stair parts, decking accessories and decorative mouldings and this year will see further products being stocked in B&Q stores nationwide.”  

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