Part K Building Regulations


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In Richard Burbidge Technical department we deal with questions regarding the Building Regulations on a daily basis. Whether it be a nursing home, hotel, flats, new build or a refurbishment on a domestic house.

These regulations exist to ensure that any new or conversion work follows a set of rules. These rules range from the type of insulation in a building with regards to heat resistance loss to the location of stairs and how they are guarded.

We here at Richard Burbidge supply the balustrade (guarding) for stairs, landings, galleries, balconies and we have all of these ranges independently tested to comply with the Building Regulations and all British standards linked with these.

Stairs are classified depending on the use and location:

  • Private Domestic Stairs- Intended to be used for only one dwelling 
  • Institutional & Assembly Stairs (Public)
  • Other Stairs (Public)

Stairs are detailed as: ‘A succession of steps and landings that makes it possible to pass on foot to other levels’.

Each of these types of stairs has a maximum pitch, rise and going for a flight of stairs.

  • There should be a gap no wider than 99m at any point in the balustrade.
  • They have different strength requirements, to be able to withstand a certain level of impact and protect a person/s from falling through.  
  • They also have different handrail heights: Domestic Stairs – 900mm Stairs & 900mm Landings or Public Stairs – 900mm Stairs and 1100mm Landings.

Richard Burbidge products fully comply with Approved Document K: 2007- Protection from Falling, Collision & Impact.


Spacing over 99mm and balustrade missing vs Correctly spaced balustrade

In all buildings handrail heights are measured from the pitch line or floor to the top of the handrail, this has changed twice in the last century so older properties probably don’t have handrail heights that are this high and it’s worth bearing in mind when moving into a house.

In our Richard Burbidge brochure we have an ‘Installation’ section which goes into further detail and each type of balustrade is defined on our website too. Some of ranges are suitable for domestic use and some for public use it is important to make sure you get the right one! However should you want to talk through your project we are happy to help and we can even create your parts list too!  

Call our technical team on 0843 778 0459 for more information.