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Q&A Zoe Goff

Zoe Goff is Product Manager for the Richard Burbidge portfolio whose career started over 16 years ago. Initially joining the company as Product Manager of Stairparts, Zoe returned to the business following a short career break and has since been developing a bank of product ideas for the brand’s portfolio.

What is your current day-to-day role/responsibilities?

What I love about working for a small company is that I get to be involved in a wide array of projects and day-to-day management of the Richard Burbidge portfolio.  Overall, I look after Stairparts, Outdoor, Mouldings and DIY timber products.

I also work on pricing for all the products for our customer base and their entire life cycle, from development to launch and their ongoing management. I look after how each product is made i.e., their specification, production drawings, packaging requirements, how they are sold and who to.

Can you provide some insight on some of the new products at Richard Burbidge for 2023?

Our re-newel cladding was launched this year and is growing in success each week.  Existing newels can be structurally difficult to remove in an existing staircase, so coming up with a newel cladding product that gives fresh clean lines to an existing newel is the perfect solution. What we are aiming to do is to ensure that all products are easier and timesaving when it comes to installation.

With the economy under pressure and people in the UK having less disposable income, we have also been expanding the number of products which are at a lower price point – this includes introducing an off-the-shelf fully tested glass stairparts range in pine. Ideal for painting and a much lower price than oak, the use of pine is perfect for achieving specific trends within the home. It’s also manufactured on-site at our factory in Chirk, North Wales.

The new fully tested glass stairparts system also has fewer components than ever, which makes the system easier to fit, saves time for the installer and makes the basket price more affordable in the current economic climate. However, our research has always shown that the end user is pleasantly surprised about the price of a staircase refurbishment.

My favourite addition to the range is the Elements Shadow newel cap. The trend of streamlined newels has continued, and this addition to the range has meant that we can offer the illusion of a newel without a cap with just the perfect amount of detail.

How does sustainability factor in the new collections?

As part of our Race to Zero, where we aim to achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050, sustainability is at the forefront of all of our new collections and business initiatives.

We have recently increased production in our factory in Chirk, North Wales which widely reduces the number of miles our timber travels, reducing carbon emissions from our transportation. All of our timber is FSC approved too, ensuring it is sustainably sourced and an eco-friendly option for customers.

We’re also constantly improving our packaging and removing as much plastic as possible - and where we do need a little, we always ensure it is recycled. The new collections at Richard Burbidge are no different.

Is there anything else in the pipeline for Richard Burbidge in terms of product launches?

The great thing about my role, especially with Stairparts, is that the majority of the products we launch are at some time or another through my role – so I have in-depth knowledge of every Stairparts product. Although, I do lean on the Joinery and Technical manager, Leigh Sperring, for his technical whizzy brain. However, I feel it is my responsibility to help each and every product grow and maximise its potential.

We have some very exciting new developments coming up at Richard Burbidge, so watch this space to see what comes next.


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