The advantages of twist bracket installation


Friday, January 20, 2017

For many years the main obstacle to changing stair balustrade for home owners has been the complexity of the installation, with this in mind our developments department wanted to come up with a way of attaching the handrail to the posts that even a novice DIYer can master.

The traditional fix for the timber ranges used a mortice and tenon joint, an age old method which needed quite advanced carpentry and quite a lot of time too! The whole idea of the twist bracket is to allow for a fix that is tested and safe without requiring in depth skills.

The bracket itself is very simple looking, a thin stainless steel rectangular piece of metal which is twisted to allow for you to fix to the underside of the handrail and into the newel post… using just 4 screws and 2 drilled holes.. and that is it! 

The fittings instructions for this bracket have been complied with a novice in mind, with detailed line drawings and measurements to assist in a quick, easy fit. 

The brackets are supplied with timber cover caps for each of our timber ranges to hide the one visible hole from the drill action and a fillet hides the bracket under the handrail so there will be no visible metal. 

The bracket is already a firm favourite for our regular joiners/carpenters making installation time considerably quicker and the costs down. The feedback from these installers and consumers alike has been very positive, here at Richard Burbidge we are constantly looking to improve your experience.