The importance of acclimatisation


Friday, June 2, 2017

Following on from last week’s ‘Top stair balustrade mistakes’ emailer, this week we will be discussing the importance of acclimatisation – an important step that can potentially cause problems for installers.

What is it?

Acclimatisation, in regards to timber products, is the process in which the timber adjusts to a change in its environment, allowing it to maintain its performance.

With this in mind, when buying any of our timber products, acclimatisation must be undertaken prior to installation. As timber is a natural product, it’s important to remember that it varies in colour, grain and texture between species and also within the same species, including pieces of timber cut from the same tree.

Once the trees have been cut down, cut to length and kiln dried, the parts are then made. All products created are stored in our warehouse and then subsequently transported out by our delivery company.

The preparation

As the products are stored in our warehouse, it’s important to note that wherever you are fitting the product, the timber must be acclimatised to its surroundings as the temperature will almost certainly be different to the initial storage.

We advise that you should leave timber products to acclimatise in the area they are being installed for at least 48 hours prior to installation to avoid any problems with shrinkage or expansion.

As a final note, our many year’s experience has shown that installation issues involving acclimatisation also extend to wet plasterboard being fitted in or around the same time frame, an empty house with no central heating and damp screed floors. Our advice is to remember that ‘timber + water or moisture = expansion’ and ‘timber + heat = shrinkage’.

For more information or advice on any of our products, please contact our Technical Department on 0843 778 0459 or the Customer Support team on 01691 678300.