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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here at Richard Burbidge our Technical team look at images on a daily basis forwarded by customers with all manner of different balustrade problems.

One problem that stands out time and again is the condition or length of an existing newel post. In a number of cases the newel post needs replacing as it has been cut down too short to accommodate a new modular newel or in some way damaged at the base. It may however become apparent that the newel post cannot be removed due to its position or that it is forming a structural and integral part of the staircase.

For this specific reason we developed and introduced our multi-talented utility newels. This is a range of square newels supplied oversize at 1000mm long and in 90mm section, manufactured with a turned spigot at the base. Available in both Oak and Pine to compliment and assist any staircase refurbishment project.

wosqnt100           sqnt1000-90p                woscnt160                          hOLE SAW

WOSQNT1000        SQNT1000-90P         WOSCNT160                                     Hole Saw

The utility newel is installed by drilling a hole in the existing newel post to accept the turned spigot. You first need to find the centre, then scribe a circle to the correct diameter of 50mm and bore out a hole to accept the spigot. The best method is to use the Richard Burbidge Hole Saw specifically designed for this operation. The spigot can then be glued into the prepared hole using a proprietary gap filling adhesive. The utility newel can now simply be trimmed to accommodate balustrade handrail at the correct height.

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