Joiners, Carpenters and Installers

Joiners, Carpenters and Installers

Are you looking at a Hallway project for your customer?

Then why not call our Design Team on 01691 678232, they will help you specify the correct parts for the project and be able to suggest complimentary items such as flooring or skirting board to complete a full renovation to suit the customers budget.

Not only that, but working with our trade partners, we'll arrange delivery of the project direct to site.

Fitting our Product

Got a question? Need some help? Call our Technical Team on 0843 778 059 or email your enquiry. Our team have decades of product experience and helped design many of the systems now on sale.
Whether you have a simple query related to the installation instructions or need some more specialist advice on fitting in a difficult situation call us now.



Some installation tips from our Technical Experts

  • Always read the fitting instructions before you start - it will save you time and you'll avoid some simple pitfalls.
  • If in doubt, call us! We're here and happy to help - we want your customer to be delighted with our finished product and we'll guide you every step of the way.
  • Don't improvise! - Our products are rigorously tested to meet building regulations and installation mistakes can undermine their structural integrity and safety.
  • Acclimatise products before use, although we can deliver quickly, for a great result it's always best for the timber to acclimatise for a minimum of 48 hours on site, if conditions are particularly damp or humid as with a new build or where painting is in progress it may be necessary to extend this.

Confronted with a broken or damaged Newel Base? - Take a look at our new Utility Newels 

Become an Installer

Fitting instructions for our products can be found here and downloaded in PDF format.

See our Youtube channel for videos guides on fitting our products.

For telephone help, contact our Technical Specifications Team on 0843 778059.

Becoming a Richard Burbidge Installer

We are aiming to build long term relationships with trusted joiners and carpenters. Homeowners often ask us to recommend an installer for their project. Our policy is to direct them first to www.ratedpeople.com.

If you are interested in becoming a Richard Burbidge approved installer, the first step is to ensure you are registered on that website. Once you have successfully completed a number of installations and depending on your location, we may be able to pass work to you directly. Call our Design Team on 01691 678232 for more information.