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Decking panels

Take your decking from ordinary to extraordinary with our selection of decking panels. Working as both a safety feature and a stylish design element, our decorative decking panels are the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor area. We have decking balustrade panels available in metal, wood or glass, ideal for completing a decorative garden feature. We’re sure our range includes the perfect style to complement your design.

What is a decking panel?

A decking panel is part of the decking balustrade, and acts as a wall or fence for your deck, providing both style and safety. Use decking side panels to create an enclosed area in your garden, or section off the deck for safety.

You can use decking panels that match or contrast with your deck and garden design to create a variety of styles. Our wooden decking panels come in a variety of decorative designs perfect for creating an attractive look for your outdoor area. Alternatively, perhaps you’d prefer a classic metal panel for decking, which offers a sturdy structure and clean look. We also supply glass panels for contemporary spaces, which look great with wooden decks, or even patio areas, and offer unobstructed views.

Our panels are available as individual units for you to mix and match. We can also help with decking panel kits to make sure you’ve got everything you need to create the perfect garden area in one easy step.

Decking panel types and designs

Decking panels come in many styles, shapes and designs, making it simple to create the perfect feature for your garden.

Metal panels work equally well in a contemporary or traditional design, and offer weatherproof stability and easy maintenance. If you’re after a wooden design, you might choose to include decorative panels for interest; our pine Sunburst and Crosshatch panels complement all deck styles perfectly, and can be varnished or stained as you wish. For decking overlooking a view or minimalist styles, we recommend our high-quality glass panels, which add a sophisticated, modern look.

Decking panels - installation and maintenance

When it comes to planning decking panel installation, having the right tools and materials is the most crucial first step. All our panels, deck railings and balustrade components are quality assured and come with instructions on how to properly install. Of course, if you need a little extra assistance with installation, our team is always happy to help. They can even offer decking fence panel ideas to help inspire your design.

Decking panels - installation and maintenance

Getting the measurements right is vital to keeping your decking panels and balustrade secure and looking their best. Make sure you measure the full length of your deck accurately, accounting for balustrade posts as well as the panels.

Before starting your project, check that you’ve got the correct parts and tools to securely fix your panels to the decking, balustrade posts and any handrails. Our decking balustrade bolts and spanner set is ideal for attaching all the elements of your deck. For attaching handrails and other parts to the decking newel posts, our decking kit with 6 twist brackets makes completing your project easy.

Depending on the type of decking panel you choose and your existing structure, you might need to install a baserail and check the spacing of your newel posts. If the panels are particularly heavy, you should make sure the decking posts aren’t too far apart to support them. If you’re using a wooden decking balustrade panel, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right brackets to attach it securely to the existing deck and rails.

Wondering how to install glass decking panels? As with wooden or metal panels, you need to make sure your measurements are perfect to keep your balustrade secure and stable. Once you’ve got your decking and baserail in place, carefully insert the glass panels, one at a time, into the correct position. Use glazing bead or similar to hold the glass in place temporarily until it’s secured properly. Once everything is in the right place and level, you can use silicone sealant to fully install the glass decking panel to the baserail and the handrail at the top. Make sure the sealant is completely dry before removing any temporary holders on the panel.

How to maintain decking panels

Our decking panels are quality assured and security tested, though they still need proper maintenance to ensure they stay at their best.

As with any outdoor wood, we recommend using at least two coats of protectant to properly seal your decking and protect it from water damage and rot. Once you’ve installed your decking panels and balustrade, give it a light sand to make sure there aren’t any splinters or rough patches. Regularly brushing dirt and garden debris from your decking panel will keep it in the best condition.

Metal decking posts and panels should be checked regularly for any dirt or rust. They’re simple to clean, and might just need the occasional wipe down or polish.

As for how to clean glass decking panels, it’s a bit more simple. You’ll need to give the panels a spray with clean water (we suggest adding a splash of lemon juice to the water for any tough stains or marks) and wipe down to remove any streaks.

Why Choose Richard Burbidge?

With all our decking panels - wood, metal or glass - we will provide help and instructions on the proper installation methods. We will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to safely complete your decking balustrade, and are also on hand to offer any other help or design inspiration.

Over the years we’ve tried and tested countless timber, glass, metal and composite products to find the very best quality for our customers. We pride ourselves on our wide-ranging catalogue of products for homes and gardens; we know you’ll find the perfect parts and tools in our collection, and if you need any help our team will be delighted to offer expert advice.

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