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Handrail Brackets

Add style and safety to your staircase with our selection of handrail brackets and wall-mounted rails for stairs. Available in a range of different finishes and materials, our stair handrail brackets will add quality, style and safety to your project.

Use brackets to mount handrails of different sizes to the wall for an additional feature or safety. We also offer easy-to-use wall handrail kits for quick, hassle-free fitting.

Handrail Bracket styles & materials

Our handrail brackets for stairs are built to offer reliability, durability and appeal, and our range includes a selection of materials and finishes, from classic to contemporary, designed to complement your interiors, as well as easy-to-use wall handrail kits.

Choose a different finish of bracket to either match or contrast with your overall stairpart design. For example, the deep tones of brass stairparts are ideal for a luxurious or traditional staircase design. Brass brackets also work well with lighter wooden handrails for contrast. Chrome handrail brackets are perfect for modern staircases and hallway design - the shiny metal works really well with our oak or pine handrails for a sleek look. For a slightly more understated or classic aesthetic, our brushed nickel handrail brackets offer a subtle touch of design and work particularly well with our sturdy oak handrails.

How to install Handrail Brackets

How many handrail brackets do I need?

Put simply, how many brackets you’ll need depends on the length of your handrail. For a standard-length handrail, you’ll usually require 5 brackets. Our range of handrails includes three lengths - 2.4m, 3.6m and 4.2m - so adjust your measurements and number of brackets accordingly. For help with this, our team of specialists are on hand to assist or offer advice. We also offer easy-to-fit handrail bracket kits.

How far apart should handrail brackets be?

Handrail brackets shouldn’t be spaced more than a metre apart for stability. You need a wall handrail bracket at both the top and bottom of the stairs, with extras spaced evenly in between. Generally, the handrail bracket at the top and bottom of the stairs are fitted about 30cm from the end of the handrail, with the rest of the brackets evenly spaced between (no more than 100cm apart).

1. The easiest and preferred installation method for fixing brackets is to mark the wall using a pencil and straight edge. Measure 850mm vertically up from the stair pitch line (the notional line that connects all the stair nosings) at 4 to 5 points and draw a pencil line through these points.

2. Next, measure where the first and last brackets will go. The easiest way to do this is to draw a vertical straight line up from the nosing of the bottom and top treads respectively. Divide the distance between these points equally, ensuring your brackets won’t be further than 1m apart.

3. Place your brackets so their straight edge sits on the line, and mark where the screws need to go. Securely attach your brackets to the wall using the provided fittings. It’s really important to make sure they’re firmly fixed so that your handrail is stable.

4. Lift your wall handrail into the brackets and mark the fixing holes - we recommend pre-drilling the holes to avoid splintering the rail. It is also important when using oak that the pilot hole is of a suitable size to allow the screw to thread correctly and not break.

5. Carefully attach the rail to the brackets, and you’re done! If desired, you could stain or varnish the handrail to protect the wood.

Why choose Richard Burbidge?

With over 150 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our in-depth and expert knowledge of all things timber. Our collection includes fittings, fixtures and supplies for a range of styles, and we’re confident that we offer something to suit every design.

We’re very proud of our reputation for excellence, and have become a trusted name in construction and interior design. Sustainability and quality are two of our core values which remain at the heart of everything we do. Our friendly team of specialists are available to help, guide and provide assistance whenever you need us, and would be happy to discuss the right stair handrail brackets for you. Customer service is extremely important to us--from initial planning through to aftercare and long-term support, we’re happy to help.

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