Do you want to change or refurbish your staircase?

Here are some tips about how to manage a staircase project. Many people see the refurbishment of a staircase as a huge structural undertaking when this may not in fact be the case.

Is your current staircase unsafe?

What is wrong with your staircase?

In most cases there is probably little or nothing wrong with the staircase frame itself. It may be you are looking at the stairway project because you want to make an aesthetic improvement to your home.

If there is a problem with loose treads or risers (the steps on your stairs) the best course of action is to consult a carpentry or joinery professional about whether the staircase can be repaired.  If the answer is no then there are many reputable Staircase Manufacturers and companies supplying the basic staircase frame who will be able to provide a replacement.

Assuming the structure of the staircase is sound, then you can completely transform the look and feel of them to suit your home by changing the staircase balustrade.

Chose from Glass, metal or wood stairs

DIY Stairs or Use a Joiner?

Changing the Balustrade (Handrails, base rails, balusters and newel posts) can be undertaken as a DIY project if you are used to working with wood. Certain systems are easier to fit as a stair DIY project than others depending on the way the pieces are held together. 

For the least complex stair DIY solution our technical team recommend either our Fusion product with its connectors or our Elements range with its simple twist bracket solution.

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Start your stair plan: Chose the right staircase parts to refurbish your stairs.

How to plan your project

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