Stair Handrail Kits & Banister Rail Kits

Richard Burbidge
Richard Burbidge
Richard Burbidge

Add style and safety to your stairs with a wall mounted handrail. Many staircases are fully enclosed with walls on both sides, meaning a wall mounted handrail is the only option to provide support and safety on the staircase.

Wider staircases may be required in homes where there are elderly or physically challenged individuals and an additional handrail on the wall opposite the balustrade can be a useful feature. Having the additional handrail to aid those in need can help to increase confidence for residents as well as the safety for those using the stairs.

Stair Handrail Kits

Richard Burbidge offers additional staircase handrail kits from both our Fusion and Immix styles and ranges. Available in 3.6m kits these easy to assemble boxed handrail kits make it easy to add a secondary handrail to any staircase in any home.

Bespoke Handrails to match your stairs

If you would like to match an additional wall mounted handrail to the bannister of your stairs, then our design team can help you by specifying the correct parts to make up a bespoke stair handrail kit to add to your order.

Fitting Instructions

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