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House Builders

Richard Burbidge helps housebuilders by adding value through staircase design.

The stair design is a highly visible area within a new home that provides an opportunity to individualise or personalise the property to the client’s tastes that is frequently overlooked.

Staircases balustrade can help make the best possible first impression and create a sense of expectation amongst potential buyers.

Property Developers

Design led Stair Balustrade

Enhance the style specifications of a particular house design layouts with use of materials and designs that blend into the overall house plan.

Aside from traditional turned spindles we can offer contemporary designs that fuse metal glass and timber, which are increasingly popular.

Design led balustrade

Enable the homeowner to personalise the staircase to match their individual tastes and lifestyle.

Once the staircase structure has been determined by the building design, its appearance can still be transformed, by using different balustrade options, without incurring any cost penalty on the staircase itself.

Provide an opportunity to upgrade the staircase option at a later stage, especially as we can offer multiple balustrade options. Developers have been offering choice to buyers for many years, mainly in the two key areas of kitchen and bathroom. Now we help you extend this to the Hallway and Stairs.

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